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Emma Desulme is a Haitian American woman who’s always had the knack of creativity from music, crafting and writing. She is the author of Soul of a Rising Phoenix, a poetry collection that displays an interesting range of emotions, struggles, victories, and experiences that a lot of people go through silently in life.

Emma also discovered a creative new genre in which she incorporated both of her Creole and English languages to bring to you Crenglish Poetry.

When Emma isn’t busy writing, you’ll find her playing one out of the nine musical instruments, with her community band. Most of her instruments were self- taught. She makes and wears many hats. You can also find her crocheting while watching anime for her business, Savvy Creations by Emma. If she’s not tied up with those other activities, you’ll find her teaching people how to save lives using CPR/ First Aid as a certified Instructor for the American Heart Association. Not to mention, she’s a bit of a travel junkie.

At a young age, she utilized the tools at her disposal and entered the world of poetry. Growing up, she often felt misunderstood and couldn't quite find the words to express herself. Writing became her escape, her relief and confidant. With her faith in God, Emma began her journey of personal growth, overcoming many challenges and hardships. Her poetry book is a physical representation of her releasing the very things that used to bind and keep her from greatness. She hopes that her readers can be inspired to do the very things that frightens them the most and step out of their comfort zone.

Rather it is to write that book, perform that song or start that business. Emma is a firm believer that, if your dreams aren’t intimidating to you, chances are it's insulting God.

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Facebook & Instagram- Soul of a Rising Phoenix